Designing for the Marketplace with Rob Stern and Ondrej Novotny

Designing for the Marketplace with Rob Stern and Ondrej Novotny

Workshop Date: 22 - 27 June 2018

Time: 09:00 - 17:00

Wokshop Fee: 1200 USD

This will be a unique class and rare opportunity to work together with Czech and
American master glassmakers from complementary backgrounds. Designers and makers from
various fields will be working daily together with the instructors (gaffers) both individually and
collectively to develop personal ideas. From conceptualizing to designing, and prototyping to finishing,
you will be creating works with the potential for further production as well as a session end exhibition.

By surveying a wide variety of hot glass techniques and immersing yourself in the process of glass
making you will get a comprehensive overview of how glassblowing works, which processes are ideal
for specific projects, and how to create molds for efficient production purposes. Projects in lighting,

Tableware, and sculptural work will be assigned along with research of resource material and pericipation
in daily critical discussions which will result in the improvement of your ability to understand how the
glass can work for you. Emphasis will be on how to design, develop, and realize a signature series that
will be intended for the marketplace.

Rob Stern

 Over his 25 year career in glass, Rob Stern studied extensively and has worked with the most accomplished glass artists and masters throughout the world. His work has been installed, exhibited, and collected in Europe, Asia and United States. He was a professor at the University of Miami Glass program and since 2004 Rob has operated his own studios in the Wynnwood arts district of Miami, where he and his team create and execute all aspects from design to production and installation.

Ondrej Novotny

Ondrej Novotny is the youngest son of internationally renowned glassmaker Petr Novotny, who was one of the pioneers of glass studio­movement in the eighties. Ondrej started glassmaking at the age of fourteen, he eventually decided to study glass professionally at the Novy Bor glass school and started working as an apprentice in the glass trade. After finishing his study (2004), he travelled between America and Europe to gain experience and develop his skills. In 2010, Ondrej ended up working as a teaching assistant of Martin Janecky, which had influenced and completely changed his way of looking at glass as a media in general. Recently, he has been working for a various artists and designers in The Netherlands and The Czech Republic. Ondrej has a very distinct set of aesthetics. Vivid colors, symmetry and balance are part of his minimal approach to glass.

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