Flame Working with Erin Neff Garmezy

Flame Working with Erin Neff Garmezy

Learn how to create botanical works on the torch using both borosilicate and soft glass. This class will explore the differences between the two types of glass, including the benefits and limitations of using each on the torch. Students will learn basic techniques for constructing leaves, flowers, vines, and other flora. Assembly techniques including bridging and networking will be covered. Through collaboration with Grant Garmezy's sculpture class in the hotshop, students will learn how lampworked components can be brought into the hotshop and assembled onto furnace-blown pieces. Open to all levels.

Erin Neff Garmezy

After seeing glassblowing at the Oldway Art Center in Sperryville, Virginia, Erin became enamored with glass as an artistic medium. At 17, she bargained with Oldway owner Eric Kvarnes, trading shop work for studio lessons, and she spent every moment she could in the studio. During high school, she worked as an assistant for Parker Stafford, who helped her create a portfolio for admission to Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts. Erin studied glassblowing at VCUarts, earning both a BFA in Craft/Material Studies and a BFA in Art Education in 2007.Erin now works primarily on the torch, creating realistic and delicate lifeforms made of glass. She is inspired by the natural world and the never ending cycle of death and growth.

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The Glass Furnace was first designed as a glass studio but has quickly become one of the world’s leading glass schools and this is the outcome of a long and intensive work. Since the day it was founded, The Glass Furnce has been hosting world renowned artists, teaching various glass techniques to Turkish students and students from all over the world, through different duration workshops.

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