• Lecture and a demo with Phil Vinson

    Februrary 25th at  13.00 at The Glass Furnace

  • 4 güne 4 teknik

    Umut Demirgüç Thurman ile  Keum Boo, Güverse, Buruşturma, Mürekkep Balığı Döküm Atölyesi24-27 Mayıs 2018

  • Bead Making with Tatyana Boyarinova

    4 - 9 May 2018

  • Aesop’s & Turkish Fables in Stained Glass with Joseph Cavalieri

    19-23 March 2018

  • 3 different techniques with Yulia Köroğlu

    8-12 January Bead Making Beginners Level 17-18 January Galaxy Beads 22-24 January Aquarium Beads  

  • A Glass Furnace experience from a student...

Glass Furnace, is the biggest and most well equipped glass and art center in Turkey. It's built near the River Riva, stays hand in hand with green nature, has a unique atmosphere which is calm yet full of creativity...


  • This will be rare opportunity that comes only once in a lifetime bringing together Czech and American master glass artists from different backrounds. This course will focus on a wide variety of hot glass sculpting techniques which will result in the improvement of your ability to design and realize sculptural forms. By breaking down the process into steps and developing your understanding and abilitiy to work with a team you will gain the skills to enable you tosuccessfully realize more realistic and expressive forms.

  • Branch out This class is designed for those who know how to blow glass and want to experiment with sculpture, Or for those that have done some sculpting and want to sharpen their skills. We will begin with a focus on the basics principles of inside sculpting,solid sculpting, and using the right punty for the right piece. From there we will branch out to explore more complex ideas. Using garage components, Hot torch, team work and timing to push the material, and our own abilities to new heights. 1300 usd

  • Complex Ideas, Simple Solutions


    This class will focus on how to use simple flameworking techniques to make narrative sculpture in glass.  Learning these basics skills in borosilicate glass will allow students to develop their own style and visual language. We will have fun at the torch practicing the figure and other natural forms. Each student will develop or discover ideas that will carry over into their own work. Workshop Fee: 950 usd  

  • Historic archetypes and techniques from the Venetian style will serve as a platform for investigation of basic and complex vessel forming, goblet making, refined bit working, and various color and

  • The class will balance out the technical methods of Italian

    based decoration by guiding the students through the development of new,

    sculptural forms. We will cover the process from sketchbook origins, through

    troubleshooting, to fi­nally arrive at the intended destination of creating clean

    forms efficiently. We will focus more on manipulating the glass through traditional

    and unusual means.

  • This 5 hour workshop will teach you about glass art, introduce you to the tools and equipment.You will learn how to gather from the furnace, form the hot glass with different tools and blowglass with your own breath. You will leave with an amazing feeling of creating your own artat 1200 degree’s.Workshop fee: 210 TL

  • This one day workshop will focus on rivets and microhardware: Small cold joining techniques used in making jewelry. Jewelry put together with rivets and hardware instead of soldering can then include parts that move or materials that can’t be soldered (found objects, plastic, etc.). Students should bring different metals and some found objects. The instructor will provide rivets and microhardware which are 2 TL each.Class Fee: 150 TL  

  • Appetizer Glass Workshop Program • 11:00-12:00 Glass Blowing Workshop • 12:00-13:00 Lunch • 13:00-14:00 Fusing Workshop, • 14:00-14:30 Tea Break • 14:30-15:30 Bead Making WorkshopWorkshop fee: 235 tl

  • This 5 hour workshop will teach you  how to make triangel, cube, cylinder, and flat beads with the   basic  of technics of bead making and in last 2 hours you will be creating wonderful beads.



The Glass Furnace was first designed as a glass studio but has quickly become one of the world’s leading glass schools and this is the outcome of a long and intensive work. Since the day it was founded, The Glass Furnce has been hosting world renowned artists, teaching various glass techniques to Turkish students and students from all over the world, through different duration workshops.

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