The Campus

Arriving to the Campus

In 2 weeks workshops, students arrive on campus on Monday, and the departure is on Saturday after the end of class. Detailed information on transportation and schedules will be provided to students during enrolment.



You can ask for a ride from either the city or the airport to the school for a fee of USD 30 for one way. Please let us know about your travel plans when applying. Also, it is possible for the school to arrange transport to and from the city center. The cost depends on the particular drop off and/or pick up location.



The workshops are held in English. There is a translator present for Turkish speaking applicants.



Students who stay on campus and would like to go downtown can ride the city buses. There are shuttles from Kavacık for those who don’t stay on campus. Special assistance can be available for our guests with physical impairments if indicated in advance.

There is a day off on the first Saturday of each session. A city tour is organised by social assistants. Transportation fee for the Saturday tour is 25 TL.



Within the Glass Furnace campus, there are fully furnished bedrooms with central heating. Every room has its own bathroom. 12 rooms are designed to accommodate four students each.

Prices; Single room: USD 70, Double room: USD 40, Room for 3-4: USD 35 per person/night.

Meals are provided by a catering service. Students with special dietary needs should contact the Glass Furnace to check limitations when applying.




  • Single room –   75 usd
  • Double room – 40 usd
  • Room for 3-4 – 35 usd
  • Tent – 25 usd

Fee per person/night. 


Facilities on Campus

Among the facilities on campus are a library, a multi-purpose room, a basketball field with one pot, fitness equipment, a swimming pool and a nice resting area by the river. There are limited laundry and ironing facilities, and it is recommended that the students consider bringing spare clothes.


 Application Procedure

An application fee of USD 300 is required in order to complete the application procedure. You can apply online at or ask for an application form via e-mail. Method of payment could be either credit card or money transfer to the account, ‘Garanti Bank, Kavacik Branch: IBAN TR85 0006 2000 3890 0009 0880 86. If the payment is made via money transfer the receipt should be send to our education representative. Final confirmation will be sent to your address.

The deadline for the deposit is indicated separately for each course. The applicants will then be expected to make their full payment by the first day of the workshop. For your inquiries, please write to us at [email protected]


Cancellation Policy

For the two-week-courses, if cancellations are made before two months prior to the first day of class, all payment, minus the bank transfer costs, is refunded. For cancellations made before one month prior to the fist day of class, 2/3 of the deposit and for cancellations made before 10 days prior to the class, 1⁄2 of the education expenses is refunded. No refund will be given to cancellations made within the last 10 days before classes start. Should the number of applicants be insufficient for a certain course to be held, the Glass Furnace reserves the right to cancel the course in a short notice. If that circumstance should arise, a full refund except the non-refundable application fee will be available. At all applicants’ cancelations, the amount to be paid back will be transferred after deducting the bank commissions and fees.




 Also, if a class is cancelled at short notice some enrollees presumably would have already paid for a non changeable flight ticket.  they can transfer to another class in that session.

* Will be calculated according Garanti Bank EURO exchange rate on banknotes (selling) at the time of the payment.


The Glass Furnace was first designed as a glass studio but has quickly become one of the world’s leading glass schools and this is the outcome of a long and intensive work. Since the day it was founded, The Glass Furnce has been hosting world renowned artists, teaching various glass techniques to Turkish students and students from all over the world, through different duration workshops.

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