Instructors’ Comments

“At the 2006-7 academic session, we taught fusing, kilncasting, glassblowing, lampworking and beadmaking techniques to the 8 young people, who have never worked with glass before, with the support of The Glass Furnace and Yılmaz Yalçınkaya. These young people exhibited their works at the schools and KG&CC social facilities. I wish these young people will continue to use glass for the medium of their expressions.”Felekşan ONAR

“The helpfulness of the staff, the freedom to use hotshop in a creative and experimental way, the excellent quality of our students and the beauty of Turkey came together in a most remarkable and enchanting way.” Robert CARLSON

“This school is the future of glass education. It is a very resourceful center for Euro-Asian glass knowledge and meeting of the minds.” Rob STERN

“What a wonderful place to study glass art. Great people, good times and lots of memories. Thank you to The Glass Furnace.” Boyd SUGUKI

“The Glass Furnace is one of the most exciting courses you will ever attend due to the cultural diversity, abundant facilities and helpfulness of everyone involved.” Julie Anne DENTON

“It is really fun to have the opportunity to use all the facilities from torch work to hot shop and cold work; a perfect combination between work and enjoying life afterwards.”Michaela MÖLLER

“The Glass Furnace is friendly. The staff and students are like a family. There is an amazing diversity of equipment and great opportunities to learn in an international community.” Gerry KING

“Glass Furnace is an excellent place to get into the fascinating world of glass, to make new experiences, to meet new people from all over the world who are interested in the same field, to learn and share knowledge.” Ulli EGGER

“I have had a wonderful time and I hope to return nex summer.” Chantal ROYANT

“The hospitality makes the teaching go smoothly and the equipment is adequate for beginners.” Jane COWIE

“You feel great energy when one greets you with a smiling face.” Lucartha KOHLER

“You could not expect a better situation for an opening season.” Jean Pierre UMBDENSTOCK

“The Glass Furnace is new and it has great potential.” Michael Estes TAYLOR

“The students who attended my course were very motivated.” Michaela KÖPPL

“It’s a unique place for İstanbul and Turkey.” Paul De SOMMA

“Campus is perfect, food very good.” Petr NOVOTNY

“The set up of campus and school is fantastic.” Steffen ORLOWSKI

“The education system is very interesting.” Gilles POURTHER

“Campus and school are fantastic and well equipped.” Angela THWAITES

“There is good teamwork from top to bottom.” Michael ROGERS

“The campus is fantastic and very comfortable.” Rene CULLER

“This school is one of the most well equipped and good located place I have ever seen. It is a beautiful place.” Hitoshi HONGO

“In every way, these two weeks have been fantastic. I am not able to find the right words for this in English; nearly not in my own language, either.” Kate TESTA

“The artists who taught the workshops are really talented and they are experts in their areas.” Merve ARSLAN

“The accomodation system is also very satisfactory.” Gülin ALGÜL

Students’ Comments

“I really enjoyed working with the masters team. They were very entertaining and accomodating. Also they communicate very well with little language needing to be said.”Shayla VINES

“A unique experience that welds studio practice with traditional factory techniques.”Paul Allen HACKETT

“Turkey feels like a second home, and that feeling would not be possible if it was not for the warmth and generosity at The Glass furnace staff.” Tina Louise VASGNEZ

“I LOVE CAM OCAĞI, and all the people, factory staff, social assistants etc. I can’t wait to return and had one at the best time EVER! THANK YOU!!!”

“The school, the people, everything is so full of history and tradition. That is impossible to enjoy it, admire it and be impregnated by it.” Luisa RESTREPO

“The Glass Furnace is a great place. All the system is set. The ones who are interested in glass but has never come here miss a lot.” Lale ONARAN

“I have had a wonderful time and I hope to return nex summer.” Erin COX

“I had an amazing time and will be back soon.” Beccy FEATHER

“I organize a lot of teacher training, but we never manage to make people this satisfied.” Marian ABATH

“It was a very good experience from the beginning till the end.”  Nevsel Sezen SÜSLÜ

“It’s a real privilege to work with international masters.” Gizem GÜRSEL

“Being a student has never been this much fun.” Zeynep MUŞKARA

“We were the first students of the Glass Furnace, yet there was nothing missing and everything was perfect.” Selin OKÇU

“Everything is good organized and the campus is very nice.” Andreas DOERINGER

“The teacher and the quality of instruction are extremely good and all the people are very helpful.” Yates MILLER

“Upon arriving in İstanbul, I realized the benefits of learning here are so much more.”Jeremy BECKER

“The Glass Furnace is a wonderful place – well designed and equipped but most important of all – with wonderful staff who are friendly, helpful and very hospitable.” Srila MOOKHERJEE

“Instructors are excellent, patient and knowledgable.” Gerry McCRAE

“The campus is well designed and very peacefull, the staff is very friendly and welcoming.” Jessica Kate TOWNSEND

“It was great to learn, try and see the result and work on a piece that you designed. I want to come back.” İlgen AKÇAYLI

“I think Yılmaz Yalçınkaya filled a very important gap in Turkey. From now on, there will always be a space for glass in my life.” Burcu DENİZER

“The education is perfect for beginners but I want to join other courses as well because I have been working with jewellery for a long time.” Meral SAATÇİ

“To work here and learn about glass is very precius for people who think glass as a hoby or want to be artist and craftsman in the future.” Andrej BARTLING

“Besides being the first glass school in Turkey, the education standard is also very high.” Tuğba KALKAN

“The environment and the employees are excellent.” Kristin EVIHAN

“The Glass Furnace and the campus organisation and the hospitality were truely wonderful, with much help and attention whenever needed.” Alice Le CRAS

“The campus is beautiful and well equipped. And most important- the staff members did everything they could to make us comfortable and happy.” Mihael SILBERBERG

“The architecture of the Glass Furnace campus is great. If Cervantes was living today, Yılmaz Yalçınkaya would be a great inspiration for his books.” Lokman KURŞUNLU

“The Glass Furnace maintains a beautifully clean and well designed facility primarily for production work of glass objects.” Betsy FALLON

“The school brings together glass art lovers from different parts of the world.” Nilay ALTUN


The Glass Furnace was first designed as a glass studio but has quickly become one of the world’s leading glass schools and this is the outcome of a long and intensive work. Since the day it was founded, The Glass Furnce has been hosting world renowned artists, teaching various glass techniques to Turkish students and students from all over the world, through different duration workshops.

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