Special Projects

Cultural Initiative Certificate

Glass Furnace was entitled to be the first institution given the Cultural Initiative Certificate. Given in order to promote the activities of the institution in the cultural field, this document is especially noteworthy as the introduction of Turkish culture in terms of glass in the international arena.

Glass Furnace Foundation Scholarships

In partnership with the Turkish Cultural Foundation, Glass Furnace Foundation provides scholarships to university students every year since 2006. Thus, those who qualify for the scholarships get a chance to be a part the Glass Furnace workshops with the world renowned glass artists.

Again in partnership with the Turkish Cultural Foundation;  to ensure handcrafts like Ottoman-era Cesm-i Bulbul, Beykoz Glass Works do not perish for the future generations, Glass Furnace also carries out ‘the Master’ raising program.

“Endear Glass to the Kids” Project

During winter, by means of the tour program in parallel with the elementary and secondary school’ curriculum, we introduce average of 200 children to glass every day.

The Glass Zoo at Taksim Metro Station

The project conducted by American artist Mark Eckstrand and performed in the countries such as United States, Russia and Latvia before; children, who live in Beykoz and are in lack of financial means, draw paintings of animals in nature. Afterwards, with the help of Turkish and international artists they turned these paintings into glass panels with the fusion technique.

These panels were pieced together and permanently placed at the allocated space at Taksim Metro Station. The project opened to public with a ceremony attended by the children, artists and special invitees. Conducted with the initiative of Glass Furnace and the Municipality of Beykoz, many individuals and institutions supported the project.

Creation of employment to Women and Youth Decorative and Ornamental Glass Manufacturing and creating market for active labor Project

To revitalize glass works and improve women’s employment; with Municipality of Beykoz, District Governorship of Beykoz, KOSGEB and Glass Furnace Foundation’s partnership a project with the slogan ‘Earn your bread through glass (make a living through glass)’ was created and completed successfully in 2006.  Within the concept of this project, determined by District Governorship of Beykoz, 139 people were given training for glass bead making and fusion techniques for 6 weeks. Among them 40 trainees, who want to establish their own studio, were given training, consultancy services and financial support.

Cam Ocagi ve Cekul hand in hand

Glass Furnace Foundation and Cekul, whose mission is protecting natural and cultural heritage of our country, joined hands in a project to protect the nature. Participants in the project brought glass bottles which were turned into cheese plates. With the scope of this project more than 10,000 bottles were given a second change.

Evil Eye tradition survives at the Glass Furnace

Glass Furnace decided to support the tradition of the ‘evil eye bead’, which is only produced in Izmir, Gorele and Nazarkoy (Kurudere) by the masters of beads who try to keep the tradition alive. Since 2007, Ibrahim Yildirim a Nazarköy master, produces traditional evil eye beads and gives workshops at the Glass Furnace to contribute to the craft.


The Glass Furnace was first designed as a glass studio but has quickly become one of the world’s leading glass schools and this is the outcome of a long and intensive work. Since the day it was founded, The Glass Furnce has been hosting world renowned artists, teaching various glass techniques to Turkish students and students from all over the world, through different duration workshops.

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